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ABEX Private Wealth Management's Business Advisory Group is a team of professionals and product specialists dedicated to helping your business clients and entrepreneurs plan effectively for their retirement. The personal and corporate lives of business owners are intertwined and require a multi-disciplined approach that includes, a Financial Advisor, Accountant and Lawyer. Bridging the gap between professions has often been a challenge for Independent Financial Advisors. With our Business Advisory Group you now have a unique product line and team of professionals that are designed specifically for your client and your financial practice.

Seasoned financial experts ready to partner with your financial practice; focused on providing your business clients with a smarter way to retire.

ABEX Personal Pension Plan

Canadians need a secure retirement option, especially those without an employer-sponsored pension. By 2021, 1 in 5 Canadians will be over 65. As the Baby Boomer generation retires, with longer life expectancy, the demand to generate income will increase exponentially.

In 1991 the Income Tax Act was amended allowing registered pension plans for individuals. Several provinces changed legislation giving certain professions the right to incorporate their practices. In 2004 the Province of Ontario adopted legislation giving those incorporated practices the opportunity to establish a registered pension plan. In 2011, INTEGRIS Pension Management Corp. was formed to provide a solution to individuals operating small businesses to effectively help them save for a secure retirement. The Personal Pension Plan (PPP) was born.

With Canada’s aging population wave reaching tsunami proportion, we will see both the Old Age Security and the Canadian Pension Plan under increased pressure. It has never been more important for the business owner to establish an effective Personal Pension Plan as a way to maintain their living standards in retirement.

The appeal for a Personal Pension Plan

Due to highly advantageous tax rates, cash generated by small businesses is usually left in the operating or associated holding company as non-registered assets generating investment income. The 2014 adjustment of dividend tax credits by the federal government has effectively equalized salary and dividend economics for small businesses.

There are a limited number of mechanisms for tax effectively extracting cash from a small business. The lifetime capital gain exemptions is one if the active business is a going concern and if the shares can be sold, however, balance sheet grooming needs to occur several years in advance.

Our Personal Pension Plan (PPP) is optimized for the owner/manager of a successful Active Business, Professional or Personal Services Corp.

  • Accelerates the growth of the retirement savings pool
  • Flexible & adaptable to cash flow needs
  • Saves significant amounts of tax
  • Can help qualify shares for lifetime capital gains exemption
  • Can avoid probate and estate tax on intergenerational wealth transfers

PPP Advantage graphPPP Advantage graph

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