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A growing number of Advisors are outsourcing administrative tasks and investment management in an effort to strategically generate more time to focus on clients and access resources normally afforded to larger institutions. The regulatory environment is evolving rapidly for Independent Financial Advisors, with increased time spent on compliance and administrative tasks, resulting in less time spent with clients.

Benefits of Investment Management Outsourcing

Entrusting day-to-day investment management and administration to a reliable third-party frees you up to focus on more client-facing activities, building stronger relationships and looking for opportunities to increase your assets under management. It can not only reduce an important area of risk to your business, it can also boost its worth. Outsourcing investment management also helps you by ensuring that your clients’ investments are under constant review by dedicated, specialist managers

Outsourcing the management of your client’s investments allows you, the Advisor, to stay in control of your clients all the while entrusting the daily management of your client’s portfolios to specialist investment managers

ABEX Private Wealth Management's partners in Portfolio Management Services and Private Capital Markets offer a compelling and evolving suite of investment opportunities, state-of-the-art portfolio management and complementary alternative investment products to Advisors and their clients.


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Portfolio Management Services

Discretionary portfolio management is a service offered by licensed portfolio managers who specialize in managing individual investment portfolios for institutions and private investors. The manager takes full responsibility for making all the decisions about the investments in the portfolio at their discretions, based on each client’s goals, objectives and requirements.

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Forstrong Global Asset Management’s sole purpose is to provide institutional quality active global asset allocation strategies to investors.

They work with each investor to ensure their managed portfolio is in line with their risk tolerance and objectives.

In a separately managed account (SMA), discretionary portfolio managers supervise the portfolio’s investment strategy and the individual investor owns the invested assets directly in his/her name. Until recently, minimum investment requirements of $1million placed this type of account well out of reach of the average investor.

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Portfolio managers have a fiduciary duty to act with care, honesty and good faith and always in the best interest of their clients. Investment decisions, therefore, must be independent and free of bias. Both the firm and the portfolio manager are registered and monitored by provincial securities commissions. Firms registered as portfolio managers must meet strict financial reporting, capital and insurance requirements to further protect your investments.

Protecting Your Clients' Investments

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  • Bound by parameters outlined in an investment policy statement (IPS)
  • Fiduciary duty to act with care, honesty and good faith
  • Monitored by provincial securities commissions
  • Must meet strict financial reporting, capital and insurance requirements
  • Client assets reside with custodian

Key Benefits of our Portfolio Management Services:

Full Transparency

Disclosure requirements for mutual funds are strictly regulated but do not provide the same level of transparency as a separate managed account. Most mutual funds list the top ten holdings on a monthly basis with full portfolio disclosure on a semi-annual basis. All costs associated with the management of each portfolio, including investment management fees, are clearly communicated to Separate account holders via account statements and through a secure client portal.

Tax Efficient Investing

In Canada, where investment management fees are charged to a non-registered SMA, the fees can be deducted from any source of income. In the case of high-income earners, this can reduce the net cost by almost 50%.

Individual Cost Base

While mutual funds and pooled funds have some notable diversification attributes, the structure of these pooled investments mean that you also share the tax base with other people in the pool. This can lead to unexpected taxes being triggered, regardless of whether the fund value has gone up or down since its acquired date. In a SMA, the cost base is the investor’s own, so there is no surprise tax events.

A compelling and evolving suite of investment opportunities and state-of-the-art portfolio management offerings complementing the traditional investment products available to Advisors and their Clients.



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